Year 5 - Welcome

Message to Year 5 
Welcome to our class home learning page!  Each week, there will be different activities that you can complete at home.  Some of these activities can be done online and some can be done in your exercise book by using the information on the page that you can download/open. 
You don't have to do all the activities at once and should select the different activities that you want to complete each day.  Pick some different ones each day; remember you can use SumDog (Maths and Spelling), TTRockstars and Purple Mash too! Don't spend more than 3 hours a day on your learning (some days you might spend less time and others you might do up to 3 hours); pace yourself and make sure you have lots of opportunities for breaks too.  
Please DO NOT put any pressure on yourself to try and complete everything that is on the page each week.  There is a selection of different activities across a range of subjects for you to choose from and you should always try to challenge yourself (so don't just always pick the subjects that you like or find easy), but you should NEVER feel stressed or upset about not being able to do something. 
If you are working in your exercise book, you should put the date and give your work a title and underline them.  You should copy down your answers and ideas carefully and remember to put the question numbers.  Make sure your work is presented neatly - as neat as you would do it in school.
While learning from home, make sure you find a good space to work.  You might want to work at a desk or table and get all your resources ready.  You might even want to write a little timetable out so that you know which activities that you will complete that day.  Remember to plan in lots of break times too!
If you are struggling with an activity, please do not get upset or worry.  Make a note of what the activity is in the back of your exercise book and we can look over this learning when you are back in school.  As long as you have tried your best, and had a go, it is okay if you are unsure of something.  Remember you can always look at the activities on other class pages too.
There are lots of other resources and links to different activities in the 'Resources for All' section - why not have a look to see if there are activities in there that you would like to complete?
Finally, remember that you need to make sure that you look after yourself and that you are staying happy and healthy.  Spend time with your families; help each other; play games and have fun; do some jobs around the house to help out and please don't argue or get upset about your school work; as long as you try you best, if it's too difficult move onto something else - no pressure please!
We are all going to miss each other, but at some point, we will be back together again!  Stay safe :)
Please take a look at this simple social story with your children to help them understand the current situation surrounding Coronavirus. 
How to talk to your children about Coronavirus

Free access to Twinkl


In light of the school closures, Twinkl have opened up their website free of charge to parents. Twinkl is used by the school to access various things such as; free worksheets, different activities, spelling sheets, topic work and much more. To gain free access follow the link below and register for an account. It will ask you for an offer code please use this: PARENTSTWINKLHELP