Admission Arrangements
Arrangements for admission to Winwick School are made through Warrington Borough Council on behalf of the Governing Body and are conducted within the terms of the Admission Policy as set by the Governors of the school.

Children whose date of birth falls between 1st September and 31st August can be admitted to school on the first day of the Autumn Term prior to their 5th birthday.

It assists our planning if we are notified of your intention to place your child at Winwick School at least two years before his or her due date for admission. Please email the school so we can keep this on record 

The admissions policy is reviewed annually.  The most recent admissions policy will be given to you when you enquire about registering your child for admission.
The Admissions Committee of the Governing Body meet twice annually to review the policy, consider applications for relevant pupils against the admissions criteria. They will also meet to consider any appeals if the over subscription criteria comes into play. Governors liaise with the Local Authority Admissions team over such matters. 
Admissions Policies
September 2023 Admissions Numbers according to the ADMISSIONS CRITERIA
1. Children in care or formerly in care - 1 pupil
2. Children with an exceptional medical/ social need where admissions to the school might help them satisfy that need - 0 pupil 
3. Children whose parents attend worship at St Oswald's Church Winwick on a regular basis - 3 pupils
4. Children who have a sibling who will be still attending the school at the time of admissions - 7 pupils
5. Children whose parents attend another Christian Church on a regular basis and are resident within the parish of St Oswald's Winwick - 1 pupil
6. Any other child who does not appear in any of the above categories - 16 pupils
Total number of applications received: 44 pupils 
First choice places: 21 pupils
Second choice places: 14 pupils
Third choice places: 9 pupils 
Total applications received from Local Authorities 
Warrington LA: 28 applications
St Helen's LA: 16 applications
Wigan LA: 0 applications 
Supplementary Application Form
In addition to applying for a place at Winwick CE Primary School through Warrington Borough Council, we ask all prospective parents to also complete this supplementary application for and hand it in at the school office. 


Thank you.