'In God's love, aspire and achieve to be the best' 


Our School Values

These six rules summarise the moral values expected of all children. 
RESPECT: we listen to everyone equally 

COURAGE: we work hard and challenge ourselves

FRIENDSHIP: we are kind and look after each other

FORGIVENESS: we forgive each other and ourselves 

TRUTH: we are honest and tell the truth 

GENEROSITY: we look after our community and the wider world

TRUST & HOPE: we put our trust and hope in Jesus and the example He has set


Our School Mission Statement


Our school exists to serve the immediate and wider community of Winwick by:

  • Providing a high quality of education grounded firmly in the principles of the Christian Faith and by providing high standards of teaching, and thereby learning experiences, for all children, ensuring equality of access to all subjects of the National Curriculum.
  • Teaching and educating its pupils in an environment of Christian care and concern for others and for all that God has created.
  • Setting high but realistic standards of discipline to which all pupils are expected to adhere.
  • Setting for itself clear targets for continuous development and improvement, which ensures that all pupils will benefit from high standards of teaching and learning.
  • Providing a lively and stimulating learning environment which enables children to access good quality resources for learning, inspires them to want to learn and encourages them to value the opportunities provided for them.
  • Establishing a caring, secure environment in which all pupils, and all adults connected with the school, feel a genuine sense of worth from the contribution that they make to the school.
  • Promoting in children a sense of care for themselves, their families, friends and schoolmates and for their immediate and wider community and environment.
  • Maintaining and further promoting a worthwhile and productive partnership with parents.
  • Maintaining and further developing the positive place that the school has as an integral part of the community.
  • Creating a sense of worth or ‘feel good’ factor in the school, so that each individual develops confidence in themselves, in their teachers and adult helpers, in what they do and learn and about their school.  
Our Strategic Vision