School Uniform

Winwick School has a uniform policy approved and adopted by the School Governors and supported by parents. The governors, staff and parents believe that wearing a smart, practical uniform reinforces a correct attitude to school and learning.  All parents are encouraged to send their children to school in uniform.  Parents are invited to agree to the uniform policy as part of the Home and School Agreement.

The uniform consists of the following;


  • Royal blue school sweatshirt or cardigan (Sweatshirts and cardigans featuring the school logo are available from our school provider) 
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey trousers (long or short) or a grey skirt or pinafore
  • Blue and gold school tie (optional)
  • Blue and white checked or striped dress (warmer weather)
  • Suitable dark footwear (not high heels or trainers)
  • No jewellery may be worn, apart from stud earrings in pierced ears.
  • No make-up, painted nails or false tattoos
  • A white t-shirt and black shorts are required for PE, with pumps and trainers (outdoors)
  • A plain, dark pair of tracksuit bottoms can be worn for outdoor PE in colder weather
  • Long hair should be tied back (fashion headbands/hair accessories should not be worn (e.g. oversized bows, diamante/brightly coloured/cat ear headbands)

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, T shirts, royal blue fleece and waterproof jackets with the school logo are available for purchase from the School office, as are school ties, book bags, and P.E. bags.

Please put your child’s name on EVERYTHING!  Uniform can be purchased through Touchline by visiting the website www.touchline-embroidery.co.uk or calling 01925 413777 


PE and Swimming

All children who are well enough to attend school will be expected to attend the pool and/or PE lessons unless they have a medical note to exempt them. If any child forgets their PE kit, the school can provide spare kit. If this happens more than once then parents will be contacted. Swimming is offered to all children in Years 3-4.