Welcome to Winwick PTFA Page
As parents and friends of our school you are automatically a member of this group. You can get involved as much or as little as you would like. The committee is a friendly bunch and we are all in it for the love of the school and for the benefit of all our children.
Our main communication methods are via our PTFA Facebook page:  
(For the safety of all in our community, this is a private group so you will need authorisation from the administrators once a friend request has been sent) 
We will also ensure that events are on the calendar on the school website and PING as well as send reminders periodically via the school newsletters each Friday. 
See our most recent newsletter below with all the exciting events we have planned and what our hopes and wishes are for this year...
Our WinwickBury festival has made headlines. Please see the link below for the article in Warrington Worldwide
This year has been a difficult one for all our children but our Year 6's in particular have missed out on so many of the experiences that they would normally have. Such as: their end of year production, residential, experiences of being buddies to the reception children and trips amongst other things.
Here at Winwick, we wanted to make sure that they left us with happy memories that will stay with them forever. Our Winwick family have been absolutely amazing supporting our Year 6's in their bid to host their very own Glastonbury style festival followed by a favourite of theirs- Bongo Bingo.  
Below you will find pictures of numerous events that have taken place so far: Soak TeamWinwick, paint auctions, gardening, cake sales, children have completed chores at home, dog walks, making dog treats, framed inspirational quotes.
Year 6 are also attempting to run from Winwick to Glastonbury which is a total of 372 miles. 
The list is endless and we are so incredibly proud of all our children for taking part in such a worthwhile event.  
Our class of 2021 got to finally celebrate their time at Winwick CE Primary with their end of year WinwickBury festival following the closure of their class bubble in July. 
The pictures below show what an AMAZING time the children had throughout the day and night.
A HUGE thank you to our families for all your support in helping the children to raise the funds for this events. 
Winwick to Glastonbury 
Year 6 are attempting to run/walk from Winwick to Glastonbury and back again; totalling 372 miles. 
Individual fundraising efforts
Below, you will see how some of our amazing Year 6's have raised their own funds for our WinwickBury festival. 
We have had cake/cookie sales, homemade dog treats, gardening, chores, home spa treatments, spin bike challenge, sweepstakes, homemade inspirational quotes, dog walks and a paint auction so far. 
More pictures to follow. :-) 
Soak The Teachers 2021
Below you will find pictures from each year group making it easier to find your child's. 
Reception Team 
Year 1 Team 
Year 2 Team
Year 3 Team
Year 4 Team
Year 5 Team
Year 6 Team
After School Club Team
We all had an amazing few days in school THANK YOU PTFA! 
Wednesday was PARTY day with us all in our party clothes, playing fun games together, having mini discos and enjoying the sweet cones provided. Then on Thursday it was time to welcome Father Christmas and some snow to Winwick! We has such a super time and want to thank everyone involved for such a special time.
Thank you also for our presents from Father Christmas. 


Children brought in a bauble to decorate our beautiful Christmas Tree. Each class used a specific colour to decorate the tree:

Rec: RED/ Year 1: GOLD/ Year 2: SILVER/ Year 3: GREEN/ Year 4: BLUE/ Year  5: PURPLE/   Year 6: PINK

We would like to thank Cop Holt Farm for their generous donation, to all our families for bringing in their decorations and to Mrs Swift and Mrs Foster for decorating it. The tree was beautiful and definitely helped us get into the Christmas spirit. 

2215 MILES...This raised an amazing £3000 to go towards the revamp of the children's toilets. 
The whole community walked, jogged, cycled, scooted all the way to Lapland, and back, in time for the 16th December party on the school yard.This sponsored event ran from the 6th November until the 16th December and everyone was invited to take part.
Families logged their weekly miles via the PING surveys which were sent to them each Monday. We could then track our journey and see how far we were to reaching our target. 
The children (and adults) were sponsored on their journey via the Go Fund Me page;
We then had a giant surprise Grand Finale for all the children on the school playground on the 16th December with a special visitor coming to see the children in person. 
It was a fantastic event and one we are so proud everyone got involved in. 
Since January, we have been getting quotes from suppliers and fitters in order to begin work on the toilets in school. We have found it a bit difficult being in lockdown but things are starting to happen now and hopefully in Term 3 we will be closer to starting this exciting project.  
Well done everyone who handed back their tubes and pots filled with pennies and pounds. Together you have raised an amazing.....£821.13
A huge thank you to Christine and Bill for their kind donation of the original smarties tubes, it was incredibly generous and the whole school are extremely appreciative.  
We do have some Committee vacancies for 2020-2021 if anyone is interested please contact school and your name will be passed on to Sarah Browning. 
The children brought home pebbles on Friday 6th November, decorated them at home and placed them in the Church grounds on the Green opposite The Swan pub. These then made a sea of pebbles which were in place by Remembrance Day 11th November 2020. 
It was a whole community event with other groups in Winwick also taking part.
This was to honour our fallen soldiers and armed forces on this special 75th anniversary year of VE Day.