Worship and Ethos in our school

Worship Teams 
Each half term, new children are selected to be part of the Class Worship Team. This rotates so that all children get to have a go at being part of a Worship Team. As a member of Class Worship Team, children have the opportunity to be awarded a Rainbow Certificate for their contrinbution towards worships. In order to obtain their certificate children must fulfill the different responsibilities for their year group. Below is a document showing what each Year Group's Class Worship Teams are expected to be able to do along with the certificates they will be awarded.
Worship Areas
In each classroom there is a Worship Area which links to the Christian Value of each half term. This area is a space for children to reflect and engage in developing their understanding of their faith. Children's work is displayed on here throughout the half term which may include things such as prayers, poems or short reflections. Below are some examples of our worship areas.
Worship Displays Around School
Each class created a display for their Class Value for the year. We love having these around our corridors to remind us of our Christian Values!
Work on the School's Vision
As part of their worship time in school, Year 6 have reflected on what the school's mission statement means to them and how they are going to demonstrate this through their roles and responsibilites in Year 6.