Friendship and Love

Value: Friendship and Love
Christians believe they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus. In this half term we will focus on friendships in good and bad times, how friendship is the greatest gift of all, what happens when we fall out with our friends, and how we learn to trust in our friends. 
Weekly Worship Themes
Week 1 - Friendship in Good times and Bad
Jonathan and David 1 Samuel 18
How do friends help and support us? 
Week 2 - The Greatest Friendship of all
 'A Friend for Little Bear' by Harry Horse
Happiness is not in material things but in love and friendship 
Week 3 - Friends again
A story about Simon Peter, Jesus' best friends
Feelings graph about how we sometimes feel in friendships and that they aren't always easy
Week 4 - Friends in trouble 
Down through the roof Luke 5 V17-26
How can we help and support our friends?
Week 5 - Trusting our friends
The Helpful Servant 2 Kings 5
Who do we trust? 
Stories from the Bible
Twelve special friends:  Matthew 10, Mark 3, Luke 6
Secret Disciples: John 19
God's friends: Genesis 12,17,18,21
Jesus' special friends: Luke 5
Other books you may enjoy
Friends by Rob Lewis
The Treasure Hunt by Nick Butterworth
Gorilla by Anthony Browne 
Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson
Making Friends by Janine Amos
Stories from Other Religions
The Thief and the veil, Jenny Rose
The Prince and the Guru's Cloak, A Ganeri 
The following are from 'A Tapestry of Tales, Palmer & Breuilly 
The Hare-Mark on the Moon
the Story of the Ramayana
The Magic Herb Mountain
Elijah and his Mantle