Value of Humility
Christians believe that Jesus was both a servant and king. Jesus taught his disciples what it means to be truly humble. Christians believe that they can serve God by demonstrating humility through their attitudes and actions. 
Let's reflect on what we could do as a school community....
  • In what ways do we encourage all members of our school to serve one another? 
  • How do we encourage each other to be sympathetic and empathetic to the experiences of others?
  • How do we create an ethos where we are all confident to ask for help and receive help from others?
Bible Stories - Humility
The Tower of Babel: Genesis 11
The Slave and his Son: Genesis 16
Story of Joseph: Genesis 37 
Moses and the Promised Land: Numbers 20, Deuteronomy 31,34
A Wise New Ruler: 1 Kings 2,3 
Fictional Books which link to the Value of Humility 
Jasper's Beanstalk by Halibut Jackson
Book of Aesop's Fables by Michael Morpurgo 
Baby Elephant by Susan Hellard 
The Coat of Many Colours by Jenny Koralek  
Stories from other Religions 
The Buddha's First Teaching by A. Ganeri 
Musa follows the Wise Man by Jenny Rose
The Rick Man and the Needle in Heaven by A. Ganeri