Respect & Reverence

Respect and Reverence
  • What opportunities do we have to experience awe, wonder and mystery?
  • Where are our 'holy or sacred' places in school where we can reflect and wonder at the nature of God?
  • What special religious symbols are used to help us understand God?
  • How do we show our respect for each other and adults in school and in our wider school community?
  • What do we learn about equality and diversity in our society linked to respect? 
Week 1 - Respect and Reverence for God's Creation
Sharing the story of St Hilda
Task: thank you God for...... children produce art work, poems and prayers for the central value display
Week 2 - Respect and Reverence for Animals 
St Francis and the wolf
Task: KS1- how do we look after our pets and treat them kindly? KS2 - produce a factfile about an animal which is endanger of extinction?
Week 3 - Respect and Reverence for Sacred Objects
Special objects. Focus on the act of the Eucharist and the chalice. 
Read about the Last Supper.
Task: learn about a special object from another faith. Year groups to revisit their prior learning on a non-Christian Religion from All Faiths Day. 
Week 4 - Respect and Reverence for God
Prayer 'Maker of All' by David Adam 
Why is prayer so special to Christians? Learn about different forms of prayer. 
Task: children to write a school prayer. The Ethos group to choose one from each class to then be decided on the one for our school. 
Week 5 - Respecting and Reverence for others
The work and life of Mother Theresa
Learn about the work of St Roccos and reflect on how we support them in their charity work.