In our school, the daily Act of Collective Worship is an important part of the school day, when the whole school joins together for a period of prayer and reflection. Children are given the opportunity to plan and deliver some parts of the collective worship. Although our emphasis is on Christianity, we learn about, and from, other world religions.


Our collective worship sessions are also sometimes linked to our PSHE themes. We stress the similarities between religions and the importance of accepting and respecting other’s differences.




Monday 2.45pm-3.15pm

Whole school worship led by Canon June

Tuesday   9.40am-10am

Whole school Worship led by Open The Book Visitors

Wednesday  9.00am-9.20am

Wednesday 12.45pm-1pm

KS2 Whole school worship led by KS2 teachers on a rotation

KS1 Whole school worship led by KS1 teachers on a rotation

Thursday  (this is done at an appropriate moment in the school day for each class)

Class worship led by class teacher

From Yr2 –Yr6, each class attends worship at St Oswald’s on a half termly rota. Parents and members of the community are also invited to this weekly service.

Friday  9am-9.30am

Celebration collective worship led by Headteacher



We also open up Worship to parents and the wider community. Each class invites parents to join in the worship which their child is leading each term. We also share in a community worship each Thursday in which parents are also invited. As a school we also participate in Remembrance Day Service, Mother’s Day and other events throughout the year.