Creativity and the Creation

A Christian perspective on Creation and Creativity 
All of life is a 'gift', entrusted to us by God the Creator. The worships which are delivered this half term celebrate the world in all its mystery and diversity. It covers the creative spirit that is within each and everyone of us and teaches us to value and explore it more.  
We will also cover how each of us has a responsibility to look after our planet so that it can be sustained and shared by all. 
Our Weekly Worship Focus 
Week 1 - An Artists Eye on Creation 
Focus on artists and where they get their inspiration from
Week 2 - Carers of Creation
Psalm 8 
Focusing on the future of our planet and how we can look after and preserve it for future generations. 
Week 3 - The Miracle of Creation
Poem 'Miracles' by Walt Whitman 
Week 4 - Using our sense to enjoy Creation
Week 5 - Celebrating the Creation of new life
Birth of Jesus
Week 6 - The Nativity from different perspectives 
Bible Stories
The Creation - Genesis 1&2
The Garden of Eden - Genesis 2
The Wonders of Creation - Psalm 8 
Stories from other Religions
Hindu Stories
How the World Came to be  A.Ganeri 
Buddhist Stories
Siddhartha and the Swan   A.Ganeri
Tales of how the world began   Palmer & Breuilly 
Fictional books which also link to the Value 
Let's take care of the Earth  RL Williams 
Lucy's Picture Nicola Moon
One World Michael Foreman