tranquility, friendship, untroubled, serenity, harmony, concord, quiet, unity, calm
Jesus said, 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.'
Matthew 5:9
Peace-making actions can range from helping to resolve conflict to creating space for stillness. Peace, in the sense of total well-being, is God's intention for the whole of creation, and is a promise that awaits ultimate fulfillment. 
How will you find your fulfillment and peace?
Week 1 - Peaceful Places - Psalm 23
Focus will be on helping children to find their place for stillness and quiet. Sharing of art work and scenes where they may find peace. 
Task: children to draw or write about the place where they can be quiet and still and feel at peace. 
Week 2: Making Peace - A family quarrel - Genesis 13
Focus will be the sharing of the story from the Bible and helping children to reflect on what happens if they get into an argument with someone. What might have caused the disagreement? What might they be feeling inside? How could it be resolved? 
Task: share scenarios with children on types of disagreements. How can peace be resolved? If children wish to take this further, look at famous peace makers in our world or from history. What was the outcome of their work? 
Week 3: Prince of Peace - Jesus' example of love our neighbour from the Gospel. 
Explain about how Christians believe that they should be at peace before taking part in communion. Go through the sharing of the peace sign in a worship and remind children why we do this. 
Task: children look at their own reflection areas in the classroom and add to these or amend them based on what they wish to be there to help them find peace and time to reflect. Ethos group to focus on the central reflection area in school. 
Week 4: Living at Peace in our world - St Francis 
Share the life of St Francis of Assisi and his love of all of creation. 
Task: link to work done on Picture News about conflict and how agencies are supporting those people in our world who are trying to flee such situations. Choose a topical theme. 
Week 5: Being a Peacemaker - 'Happy are those who work for Peace' Matthew 5: 9
Talk about those who are currently working for peace in our world. Explain about the Nobel Prize for Peace and give examples of who might be awarded this prize and the work they do. 
Task: children to research the work of a famous peacemaker and document this in their reflection books as a class. These to be shared with other classes in school.