kind, giving, gracious, charity, lavish, hospitable, offering, bountiful, selfless
Reflection as a whole community:
  • Do we all understand the concept of giving without seeking any reward?
  • How do we encourage on another to act with generosity in both word and action?
  • Do we enable everyone in our community to consider the importance of being generous not only with material objects but also with time, spirit and talents? 
Week 1- Welcome back to our school
What are our school values of love, respect and perseverance and how can we show these everyday? 
TASK: add a reflection into your class reflection books explaining each value and how we can demonstrate this in and outside of school. 
Week 2 - Unconditional Generosity
The Big Party - Matthew 22: 1-14 (Kingdom of God) 
TASK: Who is the most generous person you know? With what are they generous? (time, kindness, thoughtfulness, affection...) 
Week 3 - Giving time generously
The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - 1Kings:10 (People of God)
TASK: How can you be generous with your time? What would you do if you had a problem or worry? 
Week 4 - Giving Generously 
Harvest Foodbank Appeal
TASK: Design a poster to send to parents and those in our community to advertise our foodbank appeal
Week 5 - Generosity for future generations
The Man who planted trees by Jean Gido
TASK: Research the work of the Woodland Trust and how they are making a difference. 
Week 6 - Black History Month: Racial Equality 
We are all human, but we are all unique; isn't that amazing! 
TASK: During this week we will be focusing on how we can be generous through kindness to all those in our world.