In school, we make many decisions every day.  Our team work hard to support our children to 'aspire and achieve to be the best' and your views and input help us plan for the future to enable us to continue to do this. We like to know when things are going well, but we also want parents/carers to tell us about their worries, concerns or complaints as soon as possible; this will enable us to sort things out quickly. It is much easier for us to sort out a recent problem than something
that happened some time ago.

If you are unhappy with any of our actions or lack of action, please feel able to speak to us about
your concerns. If you do not tell us what is worrying you, we cannot explain our actions
or put things right.  
If you do have any worries or concerns, please come and speak with a member of our team, who will be happy to listen to you and engage with you about them.  
Whilst we hope we are able to resolve any worries/concerns that you have, should you feel you wish to escalate these further in the form of a complaint, please see our procedures below.
Members of our staff team can be contact via our school office:  01925 630995  /
Our Complaints Procedure will be reviewed in-line with the Warrington Borough Council Procedures/Policy reviewal process.