The Theme of Compassion
Week 1: God's Compassion for His people 
God is always near to you and is ready to listen. 
Poem 'Footprints in the sand' 
TASK: Can you make a footprint and write or draw some of the ups and downs you have had in your life. 
Week 2: Showing Compassion for others by sharing what we have
Story of the Feeding of the 5000 
TASK: Could you make a meal, or bake something for a friend or neighbour? 
Week 3: Compassion for the Elderly
Story of Ruth respecting and honouring older members of their family
TASK: Create your own family tree and ask your grandparents to help you with this. 
Week 4: Compassion for our neighbours
Love thy neighbour
TASK: If a refugee came to our school, how would you welcome them?
Week 5: Compassion for the poor
How Dorcas showed the love of God in practical ways. 
TASK: Could you organise a sale of some kind or give some of your clothes or toys which you have grown out of to the charity shop? 
Bible Stories which show the value of Compassion
David spares Saul 1 SAMUEL: 23,24
David's kindness 2 SAMUEL: 9
Psalm 23: Psalm 23
A widow and her son: 1 KINGS: 17
The Good Samaritan: LUKE 10
The Lost Sheep: LUKE 15
God's love: ROMANS 9 
Stories from other Religions
Buddhist - Sidhartha and the Swan 
Hindu - How the Holy River fell from heaven
Islamic - The birth of the prophet Muhammed
Jewish - The baby in the Bulrushes
Sikh - The Princes and the Guru's cloak 
Other fictional book ideas 
The Lion who wanted to Love -  Giles Andreae
More precious than Gold - Gillian Lobel 
Stories told by Mother Theresa - Edward Le Joly 
Refugee Boy - B Zephaniah 
The Smartest Giant in Town - Julia Donaldson