Wellbeing Week

Key Stage 1 and Reception Well-being Week Photos
Key Stage 2 Well-Being Week Photos and Videos
We have had a fantastic week learning why it is important to keep our minds healthy. Across each year group children have taken in part in a range of activities to help look after their own mental health, manage their emotions and know who they can go to for help and support. Have a look at our pictures to see the types of activities that we completed. 
Here are some links which we have sent out to you this week which will hopefully help you, as adults, focus on your Mental well-being too. 
Monday - On our first day of well-being week we sent out a resources for the app 'Head Space', further information can be found at
Tuesday - We sent out resources around how to manage worry. These can be found at:
Wednesday - We sent out links to the different sleep apps Slumber and Calm aswell as the a link to the online course on restful sleep which can be found at:
Thursday - We sent out support around managing unhelpful thoughts. Again these resources can be found at:
Friday - On our final day of Well-being week we shared information on how to  get support from the NHS. Simply answer questions about your own mental health and you will be provided with a personalised plan that can help you can do to help your own mental health.
We would also recommend looking at the wide range of self help resources that are available on the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust.
Also have a look at the Warrington Mental Health Support Page
Please do not suffer in silence. If you are struggling with your own mental health please talk to somebody and contact your GP for further help and support.