Our Values Passports

Values Passport Governor Awards 2021-2022
Values Passports

Over the school year, your challenge is to try to complete each of the activities in your Values Passport that link to our core values of Love, Respect and Perseverance, as well as finding some of your own.  Some activities are easier to complete, others are more challenging; some activities will need to be completed at home,  others can be completed in school; some activities can be completed quickly, other activities will take a longer period of time - some can only be completed by the Summer term.

Once you have successfully completed an activity, an adult needs to date and sign it.  The adult must have seen evidence that you have completed the activity before they can sign your Values Passport.

The activities in your Values Passport not only link to our school values, but they also link to different aspects of our curriculum too. At the bottom of each page, you will find some blank columns; these are for you to fill in yourself.  Can you think of your own activities that link to Love, Respect and Perseverance?  Fill them in and get an adult to sign to say you’ve completed them in the same way that you would do with the other activities.

If you have done something particularly special or interesting linked to one of the values, you can add more information about it in the boxes on the back of your Values Passport.

There will be 3 opportunities to hand in your Values Passport; one each term.  At the end of the year, you will have the opportunity to be selected to receive the ‘Governor Values Award’.  To win this award, you need to show how you have successfully worked towards each of our school values, completing the set tasks and those that you have added yourself. Our Ethos group will be checking the Values Passport, so make sure you have it in school when it is time for yours to be looked at. We will let you know in advance. 

Each year, you will be given a new Values Passport to complete; these go up in stages - EYFS,  Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.  At the end of each academic year, as well as having the chance to receive the ‘Governor Values Award’, everyone who successfully completes their Values Passport will receive a ‘Year Group Values Award’.  How many will you be able to collect?

At school, we love to share good news and achievements. If you have completed something for your Values Passport that you are proud of, you can bring it in to school to share with your classmates and teacher.