Physical Education

Physical Education 
At Winwick CE, we understand the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, which includes keeping our bodies healthy by exercising.  Across the curriculum, we have a wide range of different opportunities to learn and develop our skills with different sports, as well as being able to take part in different activities after school as part of our wider curriculum offer.  Our residential visits also offer us the opportunity to take part in other outdoor and adventurous activities too. 
Below you will find a range of information about our Physical Education Curriculum; you can also find out more about our residentials and our wider curriculum offer on our website too.
Policy & National Curriculum Information
Athlete Visit 
Recently we had a visit from Dan Purvis, a former Olympic Gymnast, through our Sports for Champions event. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, learning more about Dan and his sport, Dan also shared key values with the children and emphasised persevering and finding something that you enjoy in sport.  During our assembly we also found out more about the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 
Warrington Wolves Coaching
Coaches from Warrington Wolves come into school to work with the children and develop their skills and understanding of Rugby and Fitness.  We have lots of fun too!
PE Lessons
Physical Education in EYFS
We have loved our learning and enjoyed using the different equipment. 
Sports Week - House events
Blind football
During Y6's PE today, they played blind football. This involved them having to be blindfolded whilst listening for ball which contained a bell. Due to their sight being restricted, blind football required them to rely on their other senses - hearing and touch - to enable them to remain safe and to allow them to fully participate in the sport. 
This was quite tricky at times but they loved trying this out. 
Whole School Sponsored Marathon Challenge
Sports Week and Tournaments
World Cup Celebrations