At Winwick CE, we love History and enjoy learning about the past, how historians find out about past events and what impact this has today on our lives.
On this page you will find our Long Term overview plan which gives an overview of what we teach and when. A more detailed coverage document is held within school which the teachers plan from. This ensures there is progression and sequencing of concepts from Early Years through to Year 6. 
On this page you will also find some examples of the fabulous learning we have been doing in History which we wanted to share. 
History Policy and Curriculum Overview
You will see the main unit headings in the overview. A detailed sequenced and progressive planning document is used by teachers.  Within the policy you will see examples of how this is set out and planned from Early Years, into Key Stage 1 and then finally into Key Stage 2. 
Displays Around Our School 
Samples of Work
Keep checking in to see what other periods of History we are studying and how we are linking our learning across these!
KS1 - Old Toys
The children loved using the old toys and games to find out what it was like being a child in their grandparents era.  They also interviewed their grandparents and made an old toy timeline.
Year 1 Toys - what can we learn about History from toys in the past?
KS2 - Stone Age
The children loved making Stone Age tools. It really secured their understanding of why this period of History needed such tools and the materials they were made from. 
Year 3 Changes from Stone Age to Iron Age
KS2 - Ancient Rome
The children worked together as a class to produce a toilet roll timeline; it really helped them to understand the chronology of the Romans. 
KS2 - The Roman Empire 
KS2 - The Vikings
Viking Day
We invited a visitor into school to share experiences about living in Viking times. It was brilliant and really helped to bring all our learning to life. 
We had a fabulous Viking Day in school, children came dressed as Vikings and we learnt so much.  We discovered how to make a Viking home, how Vikings travelled, about Vikings buried at sea, Viking God’s and so much more!  The children particularly liked preparing for battle and making their own Viking games and pots.  We handled a whole range of artefacts and made observational drawings, we reflected upon how these might have been used during Viking times.  
KS2 - Ancient Maya
In Year 6, we were excited to be studying Ancient Maya!  We started our topic by thinking of our own questions, here are some of the questions our children wanted to explore...
*  What did The Ancient Maya people eat?
*  Did they have towns and villages?
*  Who did they worship?
*  How did they communicate?
*  Were they able to write?
*  Did they have Kings and Queens?
*  What are codices?
We began by learning about Maya Masks!
Did you know … ?    Mayas were buried with a death mask, which was intended to protect the wearer on their journey to the afterlife.
We sketched our own mask designs, then we made 3D masks and painted them!
We loved discovering more about the Maya number system.  We made our own Maya calculations (instead of using pebbles we used conkers!).

KS2 - Ancient Maya