The Choir

Winwick School Choir
Winwick school choir perform at a number of events throughout the year, such as performing at the Christmas light switch on, the school Christmas fair, singing in Golden Square at Christmas, the harvest festival and the highlight of the year the Young Voices Concert. We have a fantastic choir which provides some great singing opportunities for our children, you can see more information about these events below.
Meet the Choir
Remembrance Day - Preforming at St Oswald's Church
Young Voices
The children headed off to Manchester Arena to perform as part of the largest school choir. We left school just after lunch to spend the full afternoon rehearsing. During the rehearsals, we met some of the other performers such as; Beatbox Unite, Urban Strides and Heather Small. After rehearsing all afternoon it was time for the children to have their tea before getting super excited for the concert. The children spent time looking for their parents before the concert started. The children performed a host of songs including, a medley from the Trolls movie, Don't Worry Mash up and performing Proud alongside Heather Small. 
Singing at Golden Square, Warrington
In December, the choir were invited to sing at Golden Square. We are incredibly proud of our choir, we have some really talented children, who all sang their little hearts out. A number of children performed solos during the performance which takes a lot of confidence to do. It was lovely to see so many parents there supporting the choir with many getting slightly emotional while watching the choir sing. The choir raised an amazing £175.90!! We have since used the money to order a NEW speaker with microphone for the choir and the rest has been put towards to coach for Young Voices. Numerous members of the public stopped to say how wonderful the children sounded and how we should be very proud of them! 
Winwick Christmas Light Switch On - St Oswald's Church
The choir performed during the Christmas Light Switch on service held at St Oswald's Church, Winwick. It was a lovely community service for the choir to perform in. A number of parents and members of the community commented about how wonderful the choir sang and that they are such a credit to our school. 
Remembrance Sunday- Church Service & Care Home
The choir recently performed at two events for Remembrance Day. They performed during the service at St Oswald's Church, where two members from the choir laid a wreath on behalf of the school. Various members of the congregation approached school staff to comment on how wonderful the choir sang. The following day the choir sang at Sanctuary Care Home in Culcheth and observed the two minutes silence with the residents. The choir enjoyed performing and then chatting with the residents. One of the resident's husbands began to talk about how his father had been in the army and how he and his wife had both lived through World War Two. He also brought in his father's war medals to show the children. 
Young Voices
Young Voices is an amazing opportunity for the children to sing as part of the young voices choir. The school choir have performed as a part of this concert for the past 8 years. Information is sent out in the Autumn term for children in choir to sign up to Young Voices and children then spend time in their choir sessions rehearsing for the event.  It is always such a wonderful experience and has certainly been an event that provides elements of awe and wonder for all those who attend.  It is such a magical experience that we are pleased to be able to take part in.
Young Voices
Golden Square
Christmas Fair
Christmas Light Switch On 2022