Worship & Reflection

Daily Prayer and Worship
Over the next two half terms our Values are HOPE and PERSEVERANCE. See links on our Values pages for activities you could do linked to these. We would love to see these when you return to school. Also..... remember your VALUES PASSPORTS. Take the time to complete as many of the activities within these as possible. 
We would also like you to spend time daily looking at a story from the Bible, reflecting on how this links to your life and our wider world. Remember it is also really important to spend time in quiet reflection and prayer. See links on this page for some of the worships we would have been covering over the next few weeks. 
As it is Easter and such a special time for us as Christians, there are lots of other activities on the Easter link for you to do too. 
Our Day - Pause for Easter Day Friday 3rd April
Every Easter we have an Easter Pause Day at school.  This is when we come off timetable and think about the true meaning of Easter.  Use the resources below to have your own family pause day.
Easter Learning Resources
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Easter: 'In Another Place' cross
Create your own cross out of different household/ garden objects, take a photo and ask parent/s to share them online to spread the message of hope and peace during the Easter period. 
For more information, click the link below or acess the PING message.
Please find links below with lots of activities for this week. We will add a new one each Friday.  
Jot down any learning in your Home Learning Book so we can see what you have been doing daily for Worship and RE.  
Why not try out the 30 day Bible Lego challenge? Don't forget to take pictures of your wonderful creations! 
Easter Activities: Tales from the Miracle Book
If you would like to engage in some more activities to celebrate Easter, we have been given free access to some fantastic resources from 'Tales from the Miracle Book'.  some more resources for Easter, we have been sent fantastic free!
Simply log onto www.talesfromthemiraclebook.co.uk and sign up. You can stream 11 short RE Easter films to remember Easter along with downloadable activities that your child can complete.
If you do not wish to sign up, then you can also access the videos from the website www.talesfromthemiraclebook.co.uk/stream with the password easter2020 however you will not be able to access the resources.
Week 1: Jesus the Hope of the World
Create pictures of light and darkness using different media. Explore the different themes of light and dark within the stories by authors such as CS Lewis or JK Rowling. 
Reflection/ Prayer: Dear Lord, We thank you for Jesus who you sent to bring light and hope to the world. Please, show us how we can bring hope to those who feel they are living in darkness. Amen
Week 2: The Rainbow, a Symbol of Hope
Experiment with colour mixing and make a giant rainbow. Design and create wristbands as a symbol against racism. 
Reflection/ Prayer: Creator God, We thank you that you always promise us a new start and a hopeful future. Amen 
Week 3: Planting Hope 
Plant some seeds and record their growth over time. What do the seeds need to grow? 
Research the life and times of George Muller; www.mullers.org/cm/general127 
Reflection/ Prayer: Thank you God, that from small beginnings many good things can grow. Show us how to plant seeds of love in the places where we belong. Amen 
Week 4: Hope for the Future - a new Heaven and a new Earth
Reflect upon The United Nations Resolution for the Child. Reflect and think about what you would like to be different in the future and how they could play their part in this. 
Reflection/ Prayer: Dear Lord, We thank God for the promises to us. We look forward to the time when there will be no more sadness and tears. Help us to play our part in doing what we can to make the world a better place. Amen 
Week 5: Bringing Hope to Others
Look up the work of the Toybox Children. Consider some ways that you or your family or class could support this charity. Make a display of your home and those you love. Write a thank you to all those who care for them. 
Reflection/ Prayer: Dear Lord, We pray for children who have now where to live, no one to love them and no one to whom they are important.We pray for those who try to help them. Please bless all that they do, to bring hope to the street people. Amen   
Stories from the Bible linked to the Value of Hope
  • Jacob's Dream: Genesis 48
  • Palm Sunday: Matthew 21
  • Jesus Ascends into Heaven, Fire from Heaven, A Miracle at the Temple Gate: Acts 1-4
  • Zechariah's Prayer: Luke 1
Stories from other Religions which show this Value
Buddhist Story - The Birth of Buddha
Hindu Story - The Birth of the Blue God
Jewish Story - The Story of Hanukkah
Fictional Stories which also show the Value of Hope 
Goodnight Mr Tom by Hussey
The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Sandy Toksvig
For Every Child UNICEF 
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle 
Week 1: Persevering with the Truth 
Learn about people from the past and present who have been willing to speak out against what they considered to be wrong. Create a fact file focusing on that person and their life. You could also create a dramatic poster that focuses on something that is currently causing concern in the world. 
Reflection/Prayer: Sometimes it is hard to speak up when we know things aren't right. When this happens we can ask God to help us know the right words to use and to give us the courage to say them. 
Week 2: Persevering to Finish the Job
Play a team game which requires all the team members to join in and persevere to make a 'winning team'. 
Reflection/Prayer: Dear God, Please help us to persevere even when tasks seem long and hard. Help us to encourage our friends to keep going when they feel fed up. Amen
Week 3: Persevering to the End
Write, or say, a prayer for others who are sick who they could support with prayers. 
Make a get well card for someone who is unwell.
Reflection/Prayer: Dear God, We thank you for people who inspire us by their courage, perseverance and concern for others. Particularly in our prayers this week we remember anyone who is ill or in pain. Give them the courage and comfort when they struggle to keep going. Amen
Week 4: God's Persevering Love
Listen to the song 'Amazing Grace'. What is the songwriter trying to express?
Write a 'Lost and Found' story. 
Reflection/Prayer: Father God, We thank you that just like the shepherd cared for every one o this sheep so you care for every one of us.
Week 5: Perseverance and Self-belief 
Listen, or read, some other Aesop Fables. What is the meaning behind them? How might they help us in our lives? 
Reflection/Prayer: Dear God, Give us the self-belief to persevere when the task is hard and the odds are against us. Amen 
Stories from the Bible which show this Value. 
  • Noah's Boat: Genesis 6-9 
  • Abraham and Sarah: Genesis 11
  • The Joyful Return: Ezra 1-6, Psalm 126
  • The Paralysed Man; Matthew 9
  • The Story of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Lost Son: Luke 15
Stories from other Religions which show this Value
Hindu Stories;    The God and the Wicked Witch: Rama rescues Sita
Jewish Stories; The Escape from Egypt
Islamic Stories; Musa follows a Wise Man
Sikh Stories; The Story of Guru Ram Das 
Fictional Stories which also show the Value of Perseverance
'Lost and Found' Oliver Jeffers
'Russell and the Lost Treasure' Rob Scotton
'The smallest whale' E Beresford
'Out of the Ashes' Michael Morpurgo