Crosby Hall - Day 3

21st July 2017

KS1 Crosby Hall Residential – Day 3

We woke up well rested this morning, excited for our final day at Crosby Hall.  Some of us were that sleepy that the teachers had to wake us up! Once we were out of bed, we got ready and made an attempt at packing.  Lots of us found it tricky to pack our suitcases so they looked as nice as they were when we unpacked them.  Some of us didn’t even recognise our own clothes! 

We left our packing and headed down for breakfast.  Over breakfast, the teachers said a final ‘cheers’ with their orange juices to celebrate Mrs Common’s last day before she retired , then they tucked into their breakfast. 

After breakfast, we finished our packing, took the covers off our bedding (this was much quicker than when we tried to put it on!) and then brought our cases to the hall, ready for our activities.

Once again, we spilt up into our year group teams.  One group went to the shop while the other group went on the mini-zip-swing.  The mini-zip-swing was great.  It was a cross between a swing and a zip-wire, just a much smaller version.

When we went in the shop, we had the chance to buy ourselves some little souvenirs to remind ourselves of our trip.  The Crosby Hall staff bought Mrs Common a Crosby Hall mug to congratulate her on her retirement.

After our activities, we headed back inside for a tasty lunch of fish and chips, followed by a fruit platter.  We have really enjoyed the food at Crosby Hall – it’s all been GORGEOUS!

After lunch, we went back to the group lounge where the centre staff did a presentation.  We all got certificates; some people even got special certificates too!  Miss King and Mr Perrin got a ‘Swamp Monster’ certificate and Mr Perrin and Miss Kenyon got the ‘Big Kid Award’. Mrs Duckett is going to give all the certificates (including the teacher ones) to Mrs Dymond for our first celebration assembly when we go back to school in September.

Once the presentations were over, the time had come to collect our things and get on the coach to go home.  We were very sad to be leaving Crosby Hall, but were all looking forward to seeing our families again (and even more excited that the summer holidays were about to begin!).

We took our cases to the coach and then fastened out seatbelts, before waving goodbye to the Crosby Hall staff and then heading back to school.  It didn’t take too long to get back to Winwick and we arrived just in time for the end of the school day.

We had such a lovely time at Crosby Hall!