Crosby Hall - Day 1

19th July 2017
Dear Parents,
We apologise but we have had a number of technical issues with phone signal and School PING, so we have been unable to send out any texts or messages from PING this evening.  Mrs Duckett has finally managed to get some internet signal on her laptop so we can give you an update about the exciting things that we have been doing today!

KS1 Crosby Hall Residential – Day 1

Well what an exciting first day we have had today!

It didn’t take us long to arrive at Crosby Hall after waving goodbye to our families from the coach at the front of school.  Once we arrived, we collected our bags and took them into the centre where we met the centre staff and then had a little break (with juice and biscuits) – Mrs Knapp even bought her bubble machine.

After chasing bubbles and playing with different toys from the centre, we went inside to the group lounge for a safety talk and to find out a little bit more about the centre.  We all have our own numbered peg and box in the boot room, where we keep our outdoor shoes and coats.

Next came the highlight of the teachers’ day – making our beds! It was really interesting to see the variety of ways the children tried to make their beds – we can tell who makes their own beds at home!  It was lovely to see how the children worked together as a team to support other children in their bedrooms to make their beds (the teachers put on lots of duvet covers too!).

After that, we managed to get a bit of time in the group lounge, drawing pictures, playing with Lego and reading books before the bell rang for tea time.  For tea, we had yummy spaghetti, garlic bread and salad, followed by jelly and ice-cream! Delicious!

Once we had finished eating, one of the centre staff showed us the field and we played lots of fun games, which tired us out. Because we were then feeling sleepy, we headed back into the centre to get our PJs on and we went back to the group lounge for some bedtime stories.  Just before we had some bedtime stories, we sang a happy birthday for Isaac and the teachers brought out a cake with candles – he was very surprised!

Mrs Knapp and Mrs Desborough (Mrs D) both read us a bedtime story and then the teachers asked all the children to get ready for bed.  We all went to our rooms and got ready; brushing our teeth, having a wash and then getting into bed (snuggling our teddies!).  Most of us fell asleep quickly and (after some us were having a little chat with our roommates) the rest of us followed. 

We are now all tucked up in bed asleep and are very excited about the super activities that we have planned for tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!