Art & Design and Technology

At Winwick CE we love to be creative and enjoying taking part in all of our Art and Design and Technology.  Art and Design Technology are taught as discrete subjects and are usually taught in blocks, alternating subjects across the half terms. 
We love our 'Arts Week' where children get to explore a range of art skills and media and Winwick are proud to be a part of the Primary Arts Network for Warrington (PAN), where children's works displayed as part of a larger art exhibition in the Gateway in Warrington.  We are also proud to have received the Warrington Arts Award a number of times.  Please take a look at some of our amazing art work in the galleries below!
As well as Art, we also love to get involved in a range of different Design and Technology across a range of areas.  We like to get stuck into projects where we can think carefully about each stage of the design and make process, researching and exploring our ideas before getting creative and then evaluating our work too!  Please take a look at some of our fantastic work in Design and Technology in the galleries below!
Policies and Documents
Every class undertake a Design and Technology task each term. Our lessons are spread over a one week block. The children take into account any prior knowledge and learning. They Design, Make and Evaluate their work with particular emphasis on technical knowledge and understanding. 
For more information, take a look at our policy and sequence of learning for each year group below
Primary Art Network (PAN) Exhibition
THEME:  Same but Different
Art in Key Stage 1
Art in Key Stage 2
Art Club
Design Technology