RE Curriculum

Overview RE Curriculum         

At Winwick, we follow the Liverpool Diocese curriculum for Christian Religious Education in addition to each class covering a different world religion during the Summer Term. Coverage of the RE Curriculum is shown in the table below and clearly outlines the units taught each half term. At the beginning of a new academic year, there will be a recap ‘The Big Story’ display of The Bible, to ensure that children are aware of the structure of The Bible and know where the stories covered in previous years fit. In addition, the world religion covered in the previous year will also be recapped at the beginning of each new academic year so that children can make links and comparisons throughout the upcoming Christian Units. In KS1 and KS2, work for RE is recorded in either the “RE Big Book” or individual RE books. Within the EYFS, RE sessions will be recorded in the class book and observations will be captured using the Evidence Me app and will be assigned to the People and Communities area of learning.


Each year, the RE curriculum trips will alternate as follows:

Cycle 1- Children will visit Liverpool Cathedral to explore an important time of the year

Autumn: UKS2 (5/6) Visit for Remembrance Day experience

Autumn: KS1 (1/2) Visit for Christmas experience

Spring: LKS2 (3/4) Visit for Easter experience

Cycle 2- Children will visit a place of worship linked to the other faith they have studied.

KS1: Judaism: Synagogue

LKS2- Buddhism: Buddhist temple

UKS2- Islam: Mosque


You will also find further coverage information within our RE Policy and Content Statement. See our RE Curriculum Page.