Introduction to Online Safety

At Winwick C of E Primary School, we value the importance of Online Safety.  Because of this, through every year group, Online Safety and its importance will be taught to your child.  Whilst at school, the digital content that is available to your child is carefully controlled and filtered in order to safeguard them.  However, once outside the school environment, it is particularly important that the messages that your child receives whilst at school are reinforced at home.  Because of this, we think that it is really important that both school and home work in partnership.  We have put together a range of material to support our understanding of Online Safety.  Please also see the Parent Online Safety Information page, which contains a range of useful resources and information.

Within this Online Safety section, there is a presentation for you to download and various videos and links to further information that will help you and your child. Please take the time to review the content and then view and discuss it with your child, in order to reinforce the importance of Online Safety.

Please take a look at the video below.