Crosby Hall - Our Favourite Memories

22nd July 2017

What has been your favourite memory at Crosby Hall?


Oliver D

“My favourite part of the day has been the playtime because we get to play all around the garden.”

Harry D (Y1)

“We got really muddy in the swamp. I enjoyed it because I liked falling off in the mud!”


“I liked it when we went in the swamp because I liked getting muddy!”



“I liked going in the swamp because it’s so fun and playing outside.”


“Well, I enjoyed making the picture of the beach because it was fun.”


“I loved going in the swamp and falling in.”


“I enjoyed building the stick tents because we could get shelter.”

Oliver F

“I loved sleeping on the bunkbeds at the top because my best friend was under it!”



“I liked looking after my penguins in the morning.”


“The swamp was my best bit because I got really muddy!”


“I can’t choose it’s just EVERYTHING!”


“Pottery was my favourite because I loved doing pottery so much!”

Millie May

“Seeing Mr Perrin going in the swamp because it was funny.  He was really muddy!”


“Well, making the clay pots was my favourite – it was really fun!”


“I liked going in the swamp because I got wet!”


“My best bit is when we made pictures because I liked drawing other people.”

Lily A

“The swamp was my favourite because I liked watching the people get muddy and it was really funny!”

Lily G

“Going in the maze because I liked it when I got soaking!”

Harry D (Y2)

“The swamp because we got all wet and muddy!”


“Probably doing the swamp because it was funny!”


“The maze because it’s really fun and you get wet!”


“The maze because you got soaking wet!”


“The swamp because you got dirty and I like getting dirty!”


“Playing with all my friends because it’s friendly.”


“EVERYTHING because it’s been fun!”


“I liked the mud bath because it was fun!”


“I liked the pottery because I like making stuff!”


“EVERYTHING because it was fun!”


“The swamp because it’s challenging!”


“Supporting everyone on the adventure park because some people have never done it before.”


“EVERYTHING because it’s all fun!”


“Well I had a really good time and it’s really good here. I would wish to come again sometime!”


“In the swamp because we got to wet Mr Perrin with the hose pipe!”


“The adventure park because it was an exciting one!”


“I liked doing the swamp because it was funny when people fell in!”

Mrs Common

“The lovely lie in, the late brunch, the spa treatments…only kidding! My favourite bit was marshmallows in the woods with the campfire.”

Mr Perrin

“I liked it when Miss Kenyon went through the maze.  I soaked her with the hosepipe – it was very funny!”

Miss King

“Soaking Mr Perrin with the hosepipe while he was trying to walk through the swamp, meaning that he fell in! Or chucking the bucket of water over him because he cheated.  Team King were the winners!!”

Miss Kenyon

“My favourite bit was taking one for the team and getting soaked in the maze by Mr Perrin and Kevin.”

Mrs Desborough

“I enjoyed spending time with the children.  They were great when we did morning yoga!”

Mrs Knapp

“The best bit was watching the children just be children in the fresh air without any technologies; loving the simple pleasures!"

Mrs Duckett

“I loved making my clay pinch-pot (probably more than the children did). I tried my very best to make a lovely pattern and the teacher even said I did a good job (although I think she was only trying to be kind!)”